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I am the creator and CEO of Hotshot Trucking Shows USA dba Hotshot-USA Resource Network. An integrated community of Social media channels, Websites, Publishing, and Marketing. We manage a network of over 30 Facebook groups, an Instagram page, a LinkedIn page, a YouTube channel, plus 6 websites with a combined membership of over 500k members.

I am the author and publisher of the e-guide “Hotshot-USA How To Start A Hotshot Business.” We also distribute a weekly newsletter that includes informative blog posts and daily commentaries on our trucking business.

Our market is the Semi, Hotshot, Car Hauler, Box Truck and Trailer industries and trades. We have developed several programs that highlight our partners and funnel our members to our Hotshot Connections – a one-stop spot for all the Hotshot resources so you can stay on the road.

We also highlight our partners in our email newsletter of over 15,000 subscribers. Our websites feature and promote our affiliated partners. We have developed protocols to screen every new member which is hundreds every day, for interest in our key services most needed by our members.

However, my greatest promotional asset is that I am a well known Social media influencer that is active on all areas of our network, helping, mentoring and advising my members on how to run their businesses like a business.

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Our resource blog offers articles and insights from fellow hotshot drivers

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Our E-guide offers 27 informative chapters to get you started in the industry!

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Load Boards, Factoring, ELDs, Equipment, Trucks & Trailers, Training and so much more! 

Hotshot-USA E-Guide

Our E-Guide has helped hundreds and hundreds get started in the business

Learn costs, risks, laws and how you can average $1,200 daily in the Hotshot Trucking business!

We give a detailed account of what it is like to be out on the road, how to survive and what equipment and supplies you will take. This is unlike any other start up guides, it is full of facts, information, and stories.

17 Packed Chapters Including: